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Gods of Blood and Bone – Review

go-blood-dustGod of Blood and Bone is a scif-fi / dystopia book where we follow Eve Reddings who must participate to a survival game. A deadly survival game…

In general, I’ll say : this is a good book. Eve is a strong and interesting character. Usually, a sci-fi book with female as main character offers a different vibe than the “classic/bad ass” man you follow through his adventures. This is a bit the case here (but Eve is also bad ass).

The story is well done. You can clearly feel some inspiration from other books like Hunger Games but still, the author adds her touch and offers something more sci-fi (with aliens 🙂 ) than classic dystopia. There is a lot of action and the book as a whole is a page turner.

For a first book, this is very well done and I’ll surely get the next one.

Score : 8/10

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