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Forgotten Suns – Review

forgetten-sunsI’ve got this book from early reviewer program and I must admit I was a bit surprise.
A couple of book you get from early reviewer program are short and are written by “early” author. It’s OK because I feel it’s one of the goal : giving feedback to young author.

This book does not feel like that.
It’s actually a full length novel. Good description, good dialog and proper language structure… 🙂

The story is interesting, not overly original but it’s a good read. The action takes place on multiple planet and the author put in place a political background fitting the story.

The character were fine but I would have taken a bit more background for a couple of them. I feel some characters like Khalida and Zhao could have been a bit more developed (their past mostly and additional context for Zhao).

A good and easy sci-fi book to read and I would gladly pay for a sequel.
Adding the author to my checklist…

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