Optimus + Linux == Video below

I have a Dell XPS 15 Touch running Kubuntu 13.10 64 bits (and windows 8.1 but it is useless as OS).
The machine is awesome: new i7, 16gb of ram and full SSD. This thing is flying!

But I also have a dual video card: a system with an Intel and nvidia card side by side called optimus.
Nvidia choose to NOT support this on Linux.

So as Linus below (check the video, it’s worth it) :

Nvidia Fuck You!

2 thoughts on “Optimus + Linux == Video below

  1. Shaika-Dzari Post author

    Pas mal de dirigeant de grand projets open source (Linux, OpenBSD, Gnome) n’ont pas la langue dans la poche. C’est des codeux 😀

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