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The Culling – Review

The CullingThe Culling is a small book by J.C. Andrijeski and the first book of the Slave Girl Chronicles.

Some background: We are in the future. Earth is nearly destroyed by pollution and human are forced to survive under a strange alien race who has conquered the planet. We are following Jet, a young and independent girl who is kidnapped by one of their hunter.

First of all, I really like strong female lead. This is something usually missing in science-fiction and I don’t really know why (Honor Harrington is one exception,  Heinlein character another one). Jet is cool and you quickly want to know more about her. The Nirreth (the alien race) are also intriguing and specially their cities.

This is a short read. You can start early and end the book before going to sleep. It’s cool if you want to pause something huge (I’m talking to you Peter Hamilton!) but it also means some background are missing (Pollution? Invasion?).

In summary, a cool small book. Maybe more a Young Adult (you can also feel some romance background of the author) than soft/hard scifi or space opera.

My note : 3.8 / 5

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Un nouveau Appleseed? Pourquoi pas!

Un nouveau Appleseed? Pourquoi pas!

Un premier petit look ici:

Ça serait cool d’avoir un genre un peu plus “old school” plus proche de la vision de  Masamune Shirow qui est plus comique, plus trash et moins mélodramatique.

Not knife… Sword. 🙂